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Shouta Kisa (木佐 翔太, Kisa Shouta) is a main character in the Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi series. He is in a relationship with Kou Yukina.


Kisa has short black hair along with matching short bangs, revealing the center of his forehead, as well as light brown eyes. He is short in height, being about the same size as Ritsu Onodera and Chiaki Yoshino, and he is approximately 161cm seeing that he is around a head (approx. 25cm) shorter than his lover. He is thirty years old, but due to his "baby face" and his unbelievably young appearance, he is often mistaken to be significantly younger than he actually is. He is usually believed to still be in his teen years or early twenties. He often receives responses of shock and disbelief when his real age is brought up or revealed to those getting to know him. For example, Yukina, his lover, thought that Kisa was younger than him in the manga while in the anime, he was under the belief that he and Kisa were around the same age. He has the same hairstyle as Ritsu in high school.

Prior to his relationship with Yukina, he was very promiscuous, not believing that genuine love can truly exist. He frequently allowed people to believe that he was younger than he really was, using it as a regular tactic to pick up men at bars or clubs. For example, Kisa lied to Ichimura, a man he met at a bar, by claiming that he was eighteen years old in order to sleep with him. Kisa is the shortest of his co-workers at Marukawa and has been working at the Emerald department for a significant amount of time. Kisa has a rather casual fashion sense, usually seen wearing hoodies or cardigans with jeans. He usually wears a pair of brown dress shoes, but is also seen wearing black lace-up boots. Kisa is significantly shorter than his lover despite almost being a decade older than him.


Kisa's driver license

Kisa previously had a bad habit of only liking men solely based on attractive physical appearances and nothing more. He further only liked such men for brief flings and one night stands, being quite promiscuous. This is due to his belief that romance in real life cannot work out or exist, at least for him.

He didn't like his high school days much, noting that he had to take the subway where he would be mistaken for a girl and be molested by perverts. Though this isn't stated upfront, it is heavily inferred. Kisa also mentions that many men have tried to flirt with him, which he found creepy.

Marukawa Publishing[]

Due to his career, he is often stressed or tired from either working all night or attempting to meet a hurried deadline. His odd hours make it hard for him to spend time with Kou Yukina, whom he is currently in a relationship with. He lives alone in his apartment, although Yukina has been having week long "sleep-overs", so the two can spend time together.

Kisa is hardworking and loves to tease Ritsu, especially since he is the newest editor in their department. He is often times seen to be distracted with thoughts of Yukina as he works or stressed due to a deadline approaching at a fast rate. During his work day, he will often receive e-mails or text messages from Yukina, which distract him from his work. He constantly checks the ratings of the manga he edits and, currently, the store that sells the most of the manga he edits is Marimo Books, the book shop Yukina works at.

Although not much is mentioned about his relationships with his co-workers at Marukawa, he does not like Yokozawa and finds him intimidating. This is due to that the other man scares him because of his place in the company as well as his cold vibes.


Kou Yukina[]

Yukina is an art student at T University and Kisa's current lover. He is 21 years old, making Kisa 9 years his senior, and originally from Sapporo, Hokkaido. They initially don't get to see each other as often as they would like due to Kisa's work and Yukina's school hours. However, they eventually manage to meet during their few hours of free time, (which are often late at night), and Yukina beginning "sleepovers" at Kisa's house. Usually, Yukina will cook a meal for Kisa, and the two will take part in sexual activities.

Kiss Kisa in Kitchen.jpg

Kisa first met Yukina at the Marimo Bookstore, where Yukina works part time, in the shoujo section. They were not properly introduced, with Kisa making an effort to hide himself from Yukina. Enchanted by Yukina's handsome appearance, Kisa would begin to frequently visit the store to see him (albeit from a distance). Often times, Kisa would be holding a book upside down, pretending to read so Yukina wouldn't notice that he was staring. Since Kisa regards himself as too old for Yukina and believed that their personalities would clash if they did go out, no progress was made between them at the time. For some time, he would simply just visit the store and watch Yukina from afar whatever it was he may have been doing, usually promoting books to teen girls.

The two were finally introduced by Yokozawa, a superior at Kisa's work place, who had come to the book store in order to talk to the manager. Yokozawa meeting Kisa at the store was a coincidence, but he took the opportunity to introduce Kisa to the store staff as well, since the books Kisa had been in charge of sold very well at this particular store. Since the manager was not in that day, Kisa was introduced to Yukina, and the two exchanged business cards.

Kisa and Yukina in the manga.

Embarrassed, Kisa immediately lies that he has a meeting to leave, and ends up alone at a café. Yukina, whose shift at the store just ended, sees him there. Within a few moments, Yukina sits himself down at Kisa's table, ordering a hot drink. They make conversation about the books that Kisa edits and he soon learns Yukina's favorite mangas are the ones he edits. He is also shocked to learn that Kisa is significantly older than his appearance gives. Yukina comes up with a marketing idea to help boost Kisa's sales, and begins to sketch out an idea for a promotional stand. Kisa is distracted by inner thoughts at this point, and Yukina unexpectedly stands up to kiss him, shielding them from view with his sketchbook.

Unable to forget the kiss, Kisa goes to the bookstore the next day and waits outside for Yukina's shift to end in order to talk with him. As he waits, Otoko, one of Kisa's former lovers, shows up and causes a huge scene. Yukina then comes out and scares Otoko away by saying that they were indeed in love and not to bother Kisa again.

Due to Kisa's lack of confidence, he is often heavily affected by the words of others. He often feels that Yukina will move on and leave him, something that is rooted from his deep insecurity regarding their age difference, because Yukina can be with anyone he desires. Although he often tells Yukina that he only loves people for their appearance, he begins to realize that he is learning to genuinely love because he has fallen for Yukina and is increasingly becoming emotionally attached to him.

Kisa welcoming Ritsu to Emerald

Ritsu Onodera[]

Kisa is one of the first people to introduce Ritsu into the department. They sit next to each other and help each other out when it comes to deadlines. Kisa loves to joke around with Ritsu, and the two both have a very friendly relationship and consider themselves good friends. He is also quick to give Onodera the nickname "Ricchan".

The two are able to understand each other, and Kisa often asks Ritsu favors, such as making more copies of certain forms or buying sweets for him. Kisa is under the impression that Ritsu has a girlfriend, often believing his calls that he steps out to take are for her.


Otoko and Kisa met at a club one night and got along well over a few drinks. Kisa, liking his appearance, felt their personalities matched up well. After asking for no commitment, Kisa agrees to sleep with him that night. Nothing is known about their relationship other than they had a one night stand. However, Otoko seems to want to continue a relationship with Kisa, who has repeatedly made it clear that he does not.

Kisa confronted by Otoko

After Kisa slept with him, Otoko finds Kisa in the book shop, shortly after Kisa had been introduced to Yukina. He wants to pursue a serious relationship with Kisa, but Kisa firmly tells him that they had a one night stand and nothing more. A fight begins to ensue, but Yukina interrupts before things escalated, which gave Kisa the opportunity to run off.

Next, Otoko finds Kisa in front of the Marimo Bookstore and threatens to tell Yukina about Kisa's tendencies to only sleep with men that he finds physically attractive. Yukina, who could see Kisa's anger and fear at Otoko, knocks Otoko onto his back. Yukina lies that he and Kisa were in a relationship (since they were not at that time) to scare Otoko off.


Ichimura is a man that Kisa met at a club and had a brief fling with. He is unaware of Kisa's actual age, who lied that he was eighteen in order to sleep with him. After breaking up with Yukina, Ichimura calls Kisa, making it clear that he wants to sleep together again. Kisa agreed, but felt that he was doing something wrong (due to his feelings for Yukina), although he was previously accustomed to such a lifestyle.

When Ichimura arrives at Kisa's apartment to take him home, the two were going to kiss. However, Yukina, who had arrived to demand an explanation for why Kisa broke up with him, interrupts the scene in a fury. Kisa, despite their recent break up, feels guilty that Yukina had caught him and stands frozen as Yukina angrily slaps him. Ichimura begins demanding to know who Yukina is and what is going on, but Yukina scares him off and takes Kisa into the apartment to have a talk about why he broke up with him. Ichimura begins pounding on the door, demanding answers, before eventually leaving in a huff. The conversation ends with Kisa and Yukina getting back together.

Unnamed Older Brother[]

Kisa's Aniki first appearance

Kisa calls his older brother Aniki, a Japanese term for older brother. Kisa has a strained relationship with his older brother. Kisa's brother uses his resources as a lawyer to investigate Kisa's lovers. Kisa originally thought his brother did this because he despised Kisa because Kisa is gay and he is straight. It is later revealed that Kisa's older brother does love Kisa and is actually overprotective of him. He has Kisa's lovers investigated because he doesn't want anyone he considers a "superficial, thoughtless farce of a man" to take Kisa away from him.


  • Kisa identifies as homosexual, stating he knew he was gay in middle school and started dating guys in high school.
  • Kisa is one of the only main characters (besides Chiaki and Hatori) who doesn't own an iPhone.
  • Kisa is from the city Saitama.
  • His blood type is A.
  • Aside from An, Kisa is one of the only characters to call Ritsu, "Ricchan".
  • His mentality can be described by something he has said before, "Love at first sight works well enough in a manga, but this is reality".
  • His relationship with Yukina is referred to as "Erotica" by the fans, referring to the mutual belief that their significant other and their actions are erotic. Also, in the manga, Kisa takes note about how most of the time when he and Yukina are together, all they generally do is have sex. This motivates him to want to get to know Yukina more on an emotional level.
  • His current hairstyle resembles Ritsu Onodera's when he was in high school prior to the current timeline, as well as their physical apperance.
  • Kisa's habit of going by the bookstore and spying on Yukina mirrors Ritsu spying on Masamune in the Library back in high school. This similarity is furthered by the fact that both semes knew of what their respective ukes were doing.
  • It was revealed in the end of an exclusive Japanese interview that Kisa watches a tad bit of shows on his spare time such as Geronimo Stilton.


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