This unnamed female character is Ritsu Onodera's mother and is a minor character in The Case of Ritsu Onodera. She often pushes Ritsu to start a family in anticipation of him one day taking over Onodera Publishing after his father. She is unaware of his relationship with Masamune Takano.

Appearance Edit

Ritsu's mother has not clearly appeared in the manga series, only appearing in one frame in chapter No.12, in which she is barely seen while resting in a hospital bed. She possibly has light-colored hair and bangs. She has not appeared at all in the anime.

Plot Edit

Prior to the events of the series, Ritsu's mother and father arranged for him to marry An Kohinata, so he and An were engaged when very young. Although Ritsu expressed that he did not intend to go through with the marriage, his mother remained adamant about the arrangement.

Ritsu's mother debuts with a phone call when she calls Ritsu at work. She's upset that Ritsu made An go home by herself the night before, which she heard from An's mother. She refers to An as his fiancee, and when Ritsu reminds her that he isn't going through with that, she reminds him that it is his responsibility to inherit the family company Onodera Publishing, and that he will need a family and an heir. She then arranges for Ritsu to meet up with An that evening to escort her home, but Ritsu can't because he's working, but his mother won't hear it and ends the call. When Ritsu calls back, he gets her voicemail and leaves a message.

Despite this, An still waits for Ritsu after the party. After Ritsu makes it clear that the engagement is off, An leaves and speaks with his mother over the phone, and she breaks down crying. His mother then calls Ritsu, demanding to know what happened. Ritsu hastily ends the call, saying he'll call her later.

Ritsu's mother in the hospital

Ritsu's mother resting in the hospital

In No.12, An calls Ritsu's work phone and Takano takes the call, stopping Ritsu to tell him that his mother is in the hospital. An was visiting his mother for lunch when she said her stomach hurt and she collapsed. Ritsu meets An at the hospital when he learns what happened. His mother is staying the night in the hospital, but she'll be fine. It was acute gastritis caused by stress or overeating, and An tells Ritsu that his mother is stressed about him because he's always short on the phone and never visits home. Ritsu stays until the end of visiting hours with An. This event leads An to learning about Ritsu's relationship with Takano.

In No.13, Takano asks Ritsu how his mother is doing, and Ritsu says she's better. She's been discharged from the hospital and is resting at home. An has been to visit his mother a lot, but Ritsu thinks she hasn't told her anything about his relationship with Takano. Ritsu briefly considers sitting down with his parents and just telling them.

In No.15, she calls Ritsu at work again demanding, "What did you do to An-chan?!" An hasn't talked about Ritsu at all lately, and his mother is worried that they've had an argument. When Ritsu says he told An he wasn't going to marry her, his mother reminds him of his responsibilities and expectations for taking over the family company and having an heir. Ritsu ends the call, but stresses about what she said.

In No.18, Ritsu's mother calls him upset that An has called off the engagement herself. His mother attributes this to Ritsu delaying the marriage. When he asks, she says that his father seemed unbothered by the announcement, and she tells Ritsu that it was really her who arranged the marriage with An's family, and that his father was never keen on the idea. When she asks if he's seeing someone else, Ritsu says he isn't and ends the call. This leads Ritsu to realize that his father was not the one pushing him to marriage for the sake of the company, and he questions the expectations placed on him.

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