"One Cannot Love and Be Wise" is the second episode of the second season of the Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi anime series. The episode revolves around the couple Ritsu Onodera and Masamune Takano.


Onodera reflects upon how he imagined Christmas would be when he and Takano were together 10 years ago. He is smiling, ready to eat a birthday cake. The problem is, he was alone.


The scene goes back into present time. Onodera runs a manuscript over to the printers and upon arriving back at the office. Ritsu goes home without telling Takano but he receives an email from Takano telling him he can go home, laughing at himself. As the elevator door opens, he sees Takano and Yokozawa talking and when the leave together, Yokozawa asks what Onodera’s plans are for the 24th, which happens to be Takano’s birthday. Yokozawa then implies to Onodera that he and Takano are still together, and he warns Onodera again to stay away from Takano. The Emerald department were meeting up together to eat dinner. No one was aware that Takano's birthday was coming up.

As everyone was going home, Onodera checks his cellphone, finding out that Takano's birthday was coming to a close. Onodera wishes Takano a happy birthday and as they were taking the train home, Takano requests Onodera’s company on a drive for his birthday gift. The next morning, Takano is waiting for Onodera to get ready, by ringing the doorbell, knocking on the door and calling his cellphone. Onodera comes and tells him that he is causing a distraction to the other neighbors, Takano reminding Onodera that they have a date. Onodera tries to come up with an excuse that he can't make it because he is busy, but Takano dragged him.

On the drive, Onodera reflects on his feelings toward Takano. Takano reveals the true nature of his relationship and history with Yokozawa and reminds Onodera that he has loved him for 10 years. They kiss, and Onodera admits to himself that he cannot resist Takano.


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