Marimo Books (BOOK'S まりも, alternatively styled ブックスまりも, bukkusu marimo) is a bookstore in the Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi series. It is ranked as one of the top bookstores to sell manga from Marukawa Publishing. It is also where Kou Yukina works.


Marimo Books is a huge eight story bookstore with large glass windows. The bookstore is very popular with releases for manga and literature. Wrapping is free and the employees are trained to be respectful to their customers.


Marimo counter

Employees wear a white dress shirt, but they can wear different kinds of pants. Their best known appearance is their blue aprons with their name tag on the right side of their chest. Some employees add some decorations on their aprons. For instance, Yukina has Emerald magazine's mascot Tinkle on his.


Shouta Kisa frequents this bookstore because one of the employees, Yukina, has caught his eye. He never buys anything, he just pretends to read while he he discreetly watches Yukina flirt and sell shoujo manga to female customers.

Kisa later realizes that the manga he edits tends to sell particularly well at Marimo Books. Takafumi Yokozawa, who works in sales, has also noticed this. Yokozawa runs into Kisa at the store when he goes to see why their manga sells so well there and drags Kisa along to talk to a manager, which is how Kisa and Yukina finally meet.

Yukina puts up an elaborate display in the store for Kisa's newest manga release, Girl's Master, ordering additional copies to help it sell.



  • A poster that appears to be of either Junjou Romantica or Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi is posted on the Marimo Books shelves. The baby chick figure on the poster above it is the mascot that appears in the Junjou Romantica' story "Junjou Egoist."