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"Love is Lawless" is the fifth episode in the Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi anime series. It introduces the new couple Yoshiyuki Hatori and Chiaki Yoshino.


The episode introduces Chiaki Yoshino, a young male author who releases shoujo manga under a female pseudonym as Chiharu Yoshikawa. Yoshiyuki Hatori is his manager and childhood best friend. Yanase Yuu, his chief assistant, is on rough but unclear terms with Hatori. Hatori's increasing coldness toward Chiaki begins to take its toll on their friendship. When pressed on personal matters, Hatori becomes distant and Chiaki becomes worried. 

Hatori and Chiaki at the start of the episode

Chiaki later sees Hatori and Yuu in an alley having an intense argument before they share, what appears to be, a kiss. Becoming distraught with confusion that begins to affect his ability to write, Chiaki becomes confused since he now believes his two best friends are lovers. However, things become even more confusing on a whole new level for him when Hatori kisses him in his sleep, waking him to shock and surprise at the sudden action. 

The kiss takes a toll on him emotionally, believing that Hatori is simply using him as a replacement for Yuu, whom he still believes Hatori seemingly loves, and is left hurt. However, he has a split second thought when he briefly wishes that Hatori was in love with him instead of Yuu. This only amplifies his confusion even further, wondering in absolute shock as to why he would think that.

Hatori's confession to Chiaki

Chiaki soon gets a text message from Hatori, requesting to meet up during an upcoming firework event. During this, Hatori finally confesses his love for Chiaki, clearing up Chiaki's false assumption that he likes Yuu - even declaring that he hates Yuu and only faked kindness for Chiaki's sake.

He also admits how he has been in love with Chiaki for almost thirty years and that he had changed Chiaki's management behind his back, fearing that his confession would put their relationship on bad terms. He also believes that Chiaki finds his feelings disgusting, but Chiaki becomes offended at this and realizes in surprise that he isn't at all bothered knowing Hatori's feelings. Hatori then tells him that he is going to leave his life, due to having betrayed his trust and compromising their friendship.

As he begins explaining how he plans to get him with a new and good editor, Chiaki abruptly declares how he doesn't want him to leave regardless of what has happened. When Hatori still wishes to leave, believing it to be for the best, Chiaki quickly holds onto one of Hatori's hand, grasping it. Despite Hatori's protests and attempts to force himself out of Chiaki's grasp, Chiaki refuses to let go. 

Chiaki and Hatori spend the night together

Chiaki, becoming desperate to keep Hatori in his life no matter the cost, suddenly demands that Hatori to kiss him. He insists that if he isn't okay with kissing, then he can leave. But if kissing and intimacy is okay with him, then they can start a relationship. Relenting, Hatori complies and, when seeing he is okay with it, Chiaki spends the night with Hatori. This, therefore, marks the beginning their relationship.

The scene returns to that of the opening episode scene. Hatori is reviewing Chiaki's work for his manga series and calls it sloppy and rushed. When Chiaki defends his work, taking offense, Hatori kisses him despite the public scene. Chiaki sits back in his seat, in a state of shock, as Hatori remarks that he will kiss him every time he protests him in his review of the manga work. Chiaki furiously blushes as the episode ends. 

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