"Looks Breed Love" is the eighth episode of the Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi anime series. It introduces the new couple Kou Yukina and Kisa Shouta.


Yukina's first appearance

Yukina's first appearance

Kisa sees Yukina, the Marimo Books employee he has been attracted to for some time, selling the latest book he has edited to a group of girls who are clearly smitten with him. Tall, handsome and charming; Yukina is extremely popular among girls, who are easily persuaded to buy the books he is selling all within a few moments of flirting. Kisa does not believe they can ever be together, yet he loves coming by the store to simply watch and see him even from a distance.

Checking the sales of his book, Kisa notices that the sales are very high at Marimo Books, as they have been for his previous books too.

Yukina meets Kisa's one-night-stand ep07

Yukina holds off Kisa's ex

They are finally introduced to each other by Yokozawa in the bookstore. Just as Kisa is leaving the store, he runs into a persistent ex-lover. After being rejected yet again, the man is about to hit Kisa when he is stopped by Yukina, giving Kisa an opportunity to flee.

Kisa and Yukina at the cafe ep08

Kisa and Yukina at the cafe

Later on, Yukina happens to find Kisa in the little-known cafe he had run away to. They talk, and Yukina correctly guesses the authors Kisa has been in charge of, saying they had a similar atmosphere despite being very different books. He is also astounded by Kisa's youthful looks after learning he is actually 30 years old. Yukina reveals he is a 21-year-old art student.

Kiss scene

Kisa and Yukina's first kiss.

As Yukina plans a fair to promote Kisa's latest book and begins to sketch possible designs, it begins to rain. Kisa, however, is lost in thought and doesn't hear Yukina asking him if he has an umbrella. Noticing this, Yukina leans in and kisses a completely stunned Kisa while using his sketchbook as a way to shield them from view. 



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