"Lingering Love Breeds Mistake" is the third episode of the second season of the Sekai-Ichi Hatuskoi anime series. The episode revolves around Yoshiyuki Hatori and Chiaki Yoshino.


The love triangle between Chiaki, Hatori, and Yuu Yanase is coming to a tipping point. The episode opens with Chiaki, Hatori, and Chiaki's assistants working on the manuscripts to submit. Another mangaka fell ill, so Chiaki agreed to do a last minute color page, which has put them behind. Yuu hasn't accepted Chiaki's apologies after leaving him on their vacation and he isn't there to help. Masamune Takano arrives with energy drinks and coffee, offering support to help the team meet the 8am deadline, and Ritsu Onodera also shows up to help.

Yuu suddenly arrives and gets to work. With his help, the team is able to complete the manuscript and Hatori submits it before the deadline. Once finished, Yuu leaves to help another mangaka meet deadline. Once he's gone, the assistants begin talking about him, and Chiaki learns that one of the assistants has a crush on Yuu. They ask him if Yuu is going out with anyone and Chiaki says no, much to their delight. They leave, and Chiaki finds himself amused by their attraction towards Yuu.


The assistants surprised that Chiaki didn't know about their feelings to Yuu

Chiaki wonders about the person Yuu mentioned liking, remembering that it's someone Hatori knows well. For a moment, Chiaki believes that it might be him, but he laughs off the thought. Hatori then comes into the room and bids Chiaki a good job for his work. Chiaki apologizes for burdening him and begins to get up to leave, however, he suddenly blacks out and collapses.

Chiaki wakes up in bed. Hatori tells him that after he collapsed, Hatori took him to a hospital where he was given an IV. Chiaki's been sleeping for two days due to a cold, being overworked, and a lack of sleep. While Hatori goes to bring him breakfast, Chiaki realizes that Hatori has changed his clothes and even his underwear, and he finds himself embarrassed and blushing over it. After some thought, he realizes how he will soon be dating Hatori for a year now and believes that while they are dating, the relationship itself has not felt like it has changed. Chiaki also realizes that he is seeing Hatori less and less, but that he doesn't want to give up Hatori in his life.

After eating, Chiaki tries talking Hatori into going on a vacation together, only for Hatori tell him that he should focus on work. Chiaki remarks that he and Yuu talk about fun things, not just work, which upsets Hatori. Chiaki then switches to asking who Yuu likes, admitting how one of his assistants has a crush on Yuu and he wishes to help her, but Hatori says Yuu wouldn't like that. Hatori then leaves to go to work. Chiaki then goes into the TV room and finds an envelope that Hatori left on the table. He tries to get in touch with Hatori to find out what it is, but his cellphone is busy. He then calls Emerald where Takano slips to Chiaki that Hatori took two days off from work to tend to Chiaki while he was sick, so Hatori's work has piled up. Even though Hatori was aware this would happen, he insisted on doing it anyway. Chiaki feels guilty for causing Hatori trouble and decides to get back to work as well.

As he proceeds to do his manga work, he gets a call from Yuu to work out the schedule with him. During the call, he learns that Yuu only came into help earlier because Hatori had called him to let him know that Chiaki needed his help, surprising Chiaki. Yuu points out that Chiaki owes him for skipping out early on their vacation and suggests going to Yufuin together. Chiaki requests that Hatori go as well, but Yuu rejects the idea.

After some work, the assistants leave and Chiaki tries to again suggest to Yuu that they bring Hatori along for their trip, admitting how he also felt bad about how their last trip ended in the hot springs. However, Yuu becomes upset and tells Chiaki that he had gotten upset because Chiaki had chosen Hatori over him. Yuu reveals that he knows Chiaki made up the story about going to his parents' place, remarking that "everything shows on [Chiaki's] face".

Desperate to change the subject, Chiaki tries to get Yuu to answer about what he thinks of the manga assistants and admits about how one of the girls likes him. However, he is surprised to learn that Yuu already knows and asks why he is telling him this. When Chiaki says how he thinks Yuu should go out with her, Yuu gets angry. Yuu asks why he believes that he always gets upset about Hatori and how close he is to Chiaki. When seeing Chiaki's further confused expression, Yuu tells him bluntly that Chiaki is the one whom he likes in a romantic way. When asked about how this makes him feel, Chiaki replies that he likes Yuu too. 

The moment is interrupted when Hatori briskly comes into the room, drops off a bag, and leaves while bidding Chiaki a swift "good luck." As Chiaki watches him leave, Yuu asks if that means that he meant "like" in a romantic sense as well. Chiaki clarifies that he didn't and that while he values him as a good friend, he never thought of him in a romantic sense. Yuu asks him to think about it in that sense and leaves as well. Once alone, Chiaki is left confused about the entire situation. 

After sending off his work, Chiaki thinks about the situation. While Yuu is acting as though nothing happened, Hatori is only talking to him via mail and fax. Wanting to clear things up with the latter, Chiaki sends him a text wanting to meet up and talk. When Hatori comes over to Chiaki's place, he reveals that he thinks Chiaki wishes to break up. To Hatori, Chiaki seems uncomfortable being in a relationship with a man, and he thinks that Chiaki mistook Hatori's feelings as his own. They barely talk about anything but work, and Hatori thinks that Chiaki enjoys himself more around Yuu.

At this, Chiaki silently admits how he likes talking to Yuu about certain things, but he also wishes to do so with Hatori. When Hatori begins to leave, Chiaki snaps and begins yelling at him how that isn't it. Yelling quite out of character, he says how he could never date a guy out of sympathy or compassion even if it was one that he liked, and that if Hatori had been brooding over such issues then to talk to him about it instead of bottling it all up. 

After calming down, Hatori asks Chiaki if he could take this as his way of confessing his love to him. Blushing, Chiaki tells him that, as a shoujo manga editor, he should read between the lines. Hatori pushes Chiaki against the table and kisses him. As he returns the kiss, Chiaki realizes that he likes Hatori more than he initially thought. 

The next day, Chiaki tells Yuu that he is a very important friend of his and he wants their current relationship to stay the same. Yuu says that he likes Chiaki's honesty, and Chiaki might come to love him if Yuu "becomes a better man". As Chiaki says how he never thought about that, Hatori comes into the room and is angered at what he heard. He then tells him, "Yoshino, we will have a talk later". As Chiaki simply says, "Yes", the episode ends. 


  • The glossary term at the end of the episode is: "Marukawa's Maiden Club".


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