"It never rains but it pours" is the eleventh episode of the Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi anime series. It revolves around the couple Ritsu Onodera and Masamune Takano.



Onodera sleeping on the floor

Onodera wakes up in the doorway, holding a convenience store-bought dinner, and suddenly remembers a meeting that he was supposed to attend in the morning. On the subway, he complains about his lifestyle after joining the shōjo manga department. Onodera is surprised by the hostility shown in the proposal meeting and dreads future meetings.

After the conference, Onodera meets Ryouichi Sumi, whom he was in charge of before in the literature department at his father's company. Through Sumi-sensei, Onodera also meets Hasegawa of the literature department, who later dropped by Emerald to see Onodera during work and invited him out for a drink. Takano, who happened to hear the invitation, rejected it for Onodera. After commenting on Takano's strictness, Hasegawa reminds Onodera that he can always transfer to the literature department if he no longer wants to edit manga. 


Takano saves Onodera from falling

Later, Onodera encounters Takano at the library and tries to run away, but Takano starts a conversation about his past. Where the library both Onodera and Takano go too has access to books that don't publish anymore. Ritsu remembers when he would always visit the school's library just to see Takano. As Ritsu was leaving, Takano saves him from falling down the stairs as Onodera trips on fallen leaves; as they embrace on the stairs, Takano tries to evoke past memories from the time when they were dating in high school, but Onodera runs away again.

Ritsu running into Yokozawa with Sorata ep11

Ritsu running into Yokozawa

Heading back to his apartment, Onodera encounters Yokozawa, who apparently was coming out from Takano's apartment with Takano's cat Sorata. Yokozawa confronts Onodera and claims Takano as his, accusing Onodera of only hurting him. Yokozawa recounts how Takano fell apart during their university years after hearing a rumor about Onodera having a fiance, and how he stopped taking care of himself and became carelessly promiscuous. The episode ends mid-scene, with Ritsu shoved against the wall by Yokozawa.

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  • The Marukawa publishing glossary term at the end of the episode is: "magazine development editor."



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