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Iokawa is a supporting character in the Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai light novel series. He is a salesman for Fujino Books living in the same apartment complex as the Kirishimas, and the uncle of one of Hiyori Kirishima's classmates.



Iokawa is described as having gentle features. He also wears glasses.


Iokawa appears to be a very gentle man. Yokozawa first met him the in middle of an intense break up, however, Iokawa didn't seem to be that upset about it. Iokawa obsesses over things he finds interesting, such as Yokozawa, and when he wants something he can be quite pushy. He lacks boundaries, as seen when he forced a kiss onto Yokozawa, and was caught grabbing his hand. Iokawa expresses worry that he is running out of time to find a proper lover, which is why he was so intense when pursuing Yokozawa. Iokawa has no problem using underhanded tactics to get what he wants. This is shown when he uses Yokozawa deep personal worries to make advances on him. He's stubborn and refuses to give up even when told no, but once Yokozawa gives him the final rejection, Iokawa accepted it and let him be.


Iokawa is first introduced prior to Hiyori Kirishima's birthday party, when he escorts his nephew, Yuuto, to give her a birthday present.

Later, when going out for a drink after work, Yokozawa Takafumi witnesses Iokawa fighting with his girlfriend. He is covered in water (due to the woman missing Iokawa when throwing her drink at him in anger), and when he comes over to help after she leaves, the two recognise each other. Whilst they walk to the station together, Iokawa explains that his girlfriend cheated on him, because he'd been too focused on his work to pay enough attention to her. When they discover that they are both salesmen, they agree to see each other again.

They meet again after Yokozawa spends the night with Zen Kirishima, since Iokawa is currently house-sitting for some relatives in the same apartment complex. Iokawa tells Yokozawa that he has officially broken up with his girlfriend, and thanks him for listening to him that night.

After Kirishima and Yokozawa have a small fight, Yokozawa ran into Iokawa in a park near the apartment complex. After seeing Yokozawa surrounded by cats, Iokawa insists that he must be a naturally nice person, but they leave one Iokawa approaches. Whilst talking, they are interrupted by a jealous Kirishima, who attempts to subtly warn Iokawa to back off - despite the 'risky' comments, implying the exact nature of Kirishima and Yokozawa's relationship, Iokawa seems oblivious to the fact the two are dating.

On another occasion, Yokozawa leaves Kirishima's apartment earlier than usual, wanting to get some work done - he encounters Iokawa in the elevator on the way down. When the elevator suddenly stops, and the two are trapped together, they begin casually discussing work, until Iokawa drives the conversation to more personal matters. He questions Yokozawa about his thoughts on getting married, and soon begins to ask about his relationship with Kirishima. Iokawa explains that Kirishima's jealousy in the park made it obvious to him that the two were dating. He tells Yokozawa that he never really liked his girlfriend, something he realised only after meeting the other salesman, and confesses that he couldn't stop thinking about him. After seeing Kirishima jealous, he realised his true feelings, and is able to tell Yokozawa he loves him. Whilst Yokozawa is stunned by the confession, Iokawa forced a kiss on him. When he asks Yokozawa out, he states that he is unable to return Iokawa's feelings, due to being in love with Kirishima. Iokawa does not give up however, insisting that unlike Kirishima he is free from "baggage", and is able to identify Yokozawa's worries about Hiyori and his relationship, unsettling him enough that he is unable to properly argue.

Eventually Yokozawa and Iokawa meet at a nearby cafe, and Yokozawa once again tells Iokawa to give up, however, determined, Iokawa explained that Yokozawa's relationship with Kirishima was a bad idea, and made sure to point out all the personal worries of Yokozawa. Taking advantage of Yokozawa's stunned silence, he grabbed his hand, and let him know that he was willing to wait. Kirishima interuppted them, and pulled Yokozawa away from him, and from there on Yokozawa and Kirishima had a conversation that cleared up all the worries that Iokawa has brought up.

In his final chapter Yokozawa called Iokawa down to the park, where he gave his final rejection. Iokawa knew the answer already, and wondered why it couldn't be him. After the rejection, he respected Yokozawa's feelings and gave up on him.

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Takafumi Yokozawa[]

Iokawa is in love with Yokozawa, confessing when the two are stuck in an elevator together.

After witnessing Iokawa's breakup, Yokozawa found they had a lot to talk about, since they both work in the same field. Originally it was just some friends banter, however it became clear to Iokawa that he developed feelings to Yokozawa. After realizing this, he decided to do everything in his power to make Yokozawa his. He confessed his true feelings when stuck in an elevator with Yokozawa, and taking advantage of Yokozawa's stunned silence he forced a kiss onto him. In order to stop Yokozawa from immediately rejecting him, he made sure to point out all the worries Yokozawa had about his relationship with Kirishima. After Yokozawa still rejects him, he refuses to take no for an answer, and so when he saw Yokozawa again at a cafe, he tried his best to wedge himself inbetween Yokozawa and Kirishima. After Kirshima caught the two at the cafe, he came in a pulled Yokozawa away from him, after some time together they worked through all their issues, so when Iokawa tried to mention it again, Yokozawa was no longer affected, and firmly rejected Iokawa. Despite all Iokawa has done, Yokozawa still respects him, and wants to remain good friends, much to the displeasure of Kirishima.

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Zen Kirishima[]

Iokawa and Kirishima have a tense relationship, due to being love rivals.

Kirishima has expressed that he's worried Yokozawa would chose Iokawa over him, due to being closer to his age, and in the same department. Iokawa and Kirishima have both expressed an unspoken rivalry. Both Iokawa and Kirishima know that they have feelings for Yokozawa, putting a strain on their relationship. Kirishima has expressed extreme displeasure for Iokawa, however, Iokawa respects Kirishima, describing him as 'really cool' it is shown that Iokawa felt that Kirishima was an amazing man, which may be why he was so forceful with Yokozawa. After the entire incident, they seemingly never met again, and so their relationship remains strained.

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Yuuto Iokawa[]

Iokawa is like an older brother to his nephew, Yuuto. When the boy was shy about talking to his parents about his crush on Hiyori, he went to Iokawa, who accompanied him to deliver her birthday presesnt.


  • Iokawa is one of only two love rivals who are successful in kissing their crush
  • Despite being love rivals, he still greatly respects Kirishima
  • His ex-girlfriend cheated on him for working too much

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