"In Love There is Both Dotage and Discretion" is the third episode of the Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi anime series. The episode revolves around the couple Ritsu Onodera and Masamune Takano.


After Takano and another staff member, Takafumi Yokozawa, have a heated argument in the Emerald office about an underprinted publication, Onodera sees the two of them later having a seemingly friendly and lighthearted conversation in the lobby, stirring a sense of jealousy within him. Perturbed by the fact that this bothered him, he begins avoiding Takano even more, prompting Takano to confront him about the situation before it begins affecting their capacity to work together.

Ritsu is also focusing on managing an author, Yukina Mutou, on his own, but he's concerned about his ability to make corrections to the manuscript. When he faxes his corrections to Takano to review, Takano insists they just meet in person, so Ritsu takes the manuscript next door.

After going over the corrections, Ritsu tries to leave, but Takano demands to know why Ritsu's been avoiding him, although Ritsu insists he hasn't been doing so. Ritsu tells Takano he has a girlfriend but Takano tells Ritsu to work on his lying. Ritsu tells Takano that it's not a lie. Takano tells Ritsu to stop avoiding his eyes and tells Ritsu to tell him one more time. Ritsu once again says that he has a girlfriend but calls him a liar. Takano kisses him, causing Ritsu to drop the manuscript. Ritsu asks Takano to stop but Takano forces him on to the floor and continues to kiss him. Takano tries advancing and Ritsu almost give in, but he pushes Takano away, grabs the manuscript, and runs to leave. When he opens the door, Yokozawa is there, having come to visit Takano late in the night.

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