"Coming Events Cast Their Shadows Before Them" is the seventh episode of the Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi anime series. The episode revolves around the couple Ritsu Onodera and Masamune Takano.


The episode begins with Ritsu having another flashback dream, in which he sees Saga sleeping in the library and tries to find out what book he was reading, but runs away when he thinks Saga is about to wake up. Now that he knows Saga's name, he looks up other books he's checked out and begins reading them. Ritsu wakes up, irritated with himself for having a dream about that, and goes to work.

Takano rejecting Ritsu's project proposal ep07

Takano rejecting Ritsu's project proposal

At Marukawa, Ritsu's assignment is to make his first proposal as a manga editor to publish the manga he's supervising as a book. It is initially rejected by Takano, so he stays late at night working on it. Later that night, Takano helps Ritsu with his proposal, even though Ritsu didn't want his help. After a while, Takano suddenly kisses him to break the tension, and consequently gets hit by Ritsu. Yokozawa then arrives and sends Takano to meet someone. When he's alone with Ritsu, Yokozawa proclaims Takano as his own, and doesn't believe Ritsu's words about not having any relation with Masamune other than that of boss-subordinate.

Takano sees Ritsu and Saeki ep07

Takano sees Ritsu and Saeki together

At a bookstore later, Ritsu runs into Saeki, a former colleague from Onodera Publishing, and they go for drinks. She gets drunk, stumbles, and falls into Ritsu's arms. Takano sees them as he passes by, having just arrived with a woman, and Ritsu feels jealous.

Takano and Ritsu kiss ep07

Takano kisses Ritsu in his apartment

When Ritsu arrives home later, Takano is waiting for him. Takano, seemingly jealous himself, accuses Ritsu of not working hard enough on his proposal. They argue, with Ritsu concerned about Yokozawa and the woman, although Takano explains there's nothing between him and Yokozawa and the woman, Erika Ichinose, is a mangaka he was meeting for work. Takano makes another pass and admits to being in love with him, and things start getting heated, but Ritsu is still wary of falling for Takano and runs out, leaving Takano alone in his apartment. Takano answers a phone call from Yokozawa, who tells him not to get involved with Ritsu again because it tore him apart the last time.

The proposal meeting day arrives and Ritsu is quite nervous, but Takano tries to cheer him up on the way to the meeting.

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  • In Ritsu's flashback, the book Saga is reading that Ritsu checks while he's asleep is The Moment the Panda Moved (その時パンダが動いた, Sono Toki Panda ga Ugoita).
  • Also in the flashback, the book that Saga previously read, that Ritsu finds with the library card, is Tomorrow, It Might Be Sunny (明日は、晴れるかもしれない, Ashita wa, Hareru ka mo Shirenai) written by Motoharu Nakayama (中山元晴). This is also the book that Ritsu takes down from the shelf. The title of this book is unique to the anime episode; the title of the book in the manga chapter is not seen.
  • The explicit scene in Takano's apartment is greatly toned down. In the manga, Takano opens their clothes and they both stroke each other before Ritsu runs out.



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